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Welcome to this blog dedicated to the Dragonflies of France and elsewhere. Who hasn't felt in awe by their beauty? Census, discoveries, talks, explanations and quality photographs are the main objectives here!
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7 juil. 2014

New species for my year list

Sympetrum sanguineum

Ruddy Darter

My usual walk around my 'patch' this morning, brought me my first Ruddy Darters of the year, I found 4 males, 1 female and 3 immatures   :-)


6 commentaires:

  1. Wow these are amazing! You are such a gifted photographer. I wish I had a true macro lens to take the view this close. I hope you will consider sharing the love up close with I Heart Macro. Mostly our photos are not true macros like these, but they are beautiful none the less and help people to slow down and really look at the small details of the world.

    1. Thanks Laura,
      Enjoy the rest of the 'dragonfly' season!

  2. We thought of knowing this Sympetrum, but your images make it to us rediscover! Fantastic close-up! Greetings, M.

    1. Cheers Morikan!
      There is always a new angle to get on these little gems :-)

  3. I totally agree with Morikan, these pictures are magnificent and sooo bright!
    The Ruddy is quite common here but it is somewhat of a re-discovery to see it that way!
    Brilliant work!

    1. Noushka,
      Ruddy darters are not common on my little patch, just not enough habitat for them here, i enjoy them whilst they visit though :-)


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