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Welcome to this blog dedicated to the Dragonflies of France and elsewhere. Who hasn't felt in awe by their beauty? Census, discoveries, talks, explanations and quality photographs are the main objectives here!
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2 févr. 2015

Mating in the heart of the winter

Sympetrum fonscolombii

Hello again dear friends! It's been a while, but as you know winter is not best time to photograph dragonflies. Or maybe not? Yesterday (1/2/2015) I had the pleasure to spot two pairs of Red-Veined Darters in tandem position, ovipostiting in Lake Kourna, Crete. It's not that rare to see such a thing in Crete due to the calm winter. For example, although a couple of weeks ago we were facing low temperatures, these last days the temperature has started to rise, reaching yesterday a phenomenal 20C! Unfortnately however, we had a lot of African dust in the air, and in compination with the opposite sun this was the only photo I was able to achieve.

Thanasis - Biologion

6 commentaires:

  1. Well done! Wonderful country, with such rays of sunshine in the middle of winter! Maybe the species is also brought by the African winds? And well done Syrisa! ;-) Greetings, M.

    1. Thank you Morikan for your kind words! The truth is that this species is seen during the winter even without the African winds..but who can tell for sure?
      Hope to see a change;-)

  2. What a great sighting in the middle of winter!
    It does not come really as a surprise in the south of Europe and with this very resilient species.
    You might also see Sympetrum striolatum, I guess, flying around with these temperatures!
    In the south of France where I live, it is snowing today!!

    1. Thank you Nouskha! I indeed saw one male Sympetrum striolatum as well, but didn't have the chance to photograph it:-(
      Lucky you, I really like the snow, because I don't see it quite often!
      Have a nice day

  3. Also great to see a few dragonflies at this time of the year. That in a hot country should not spoil the fun. great beautiful picture.
    Greetings, Helma


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