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13 avr. 2015

Capturing the Emergence!

Pyrrhosoma nymphula

Large Red Damselfly

With the Large Red Damselfly now emerging in small numbers in the UK, I have been lucky to have a few emerge from my garden pond in east Kent. I have spent quite a bit of time at the pond side watching for them to emerge and have had lovely views of the whole emergence from start to finish. I wanted to try to capture this sequence on the camera and so set about early one morning getting into a position with a stem in mind that I hoped they would come up. As the day warmed up, one indeed to start to climb the stem, the only problem was that I had to add a green bit of card to the background as it was a brown view of a fence but it contrasted well with the nymph. I spent the next hour watching and photographing the emergence from beginning to end and have captured a series of photos which are on my Blog: The past few days have seen a few more emerge and again I have been quite lucky with the camera and obtain a few pleasing shots. I wanted to see how well the Canon 7d mk 1 would perform at close range and I was not disappointed. With the sun shining and natural grass as a background, I really like the shot below and I think captures 'that' moment well when the nymph becomes an adult damselfly. Hopefully more will emerge soon and any day now, the Hairy Dragonfly may be emerging. Always a great sight to see and the real start of the dragonfly season for me.

Large Red Damselfly Emerging

Marc Heath

6 commentaires:

  1. Bonjour,

    Une photo extraordinaire... Je suis là à scruter chaque détail de ce spécimen. C'est vraiment incroyable. Ses yeux sont de véritables bijoux.

    Merci pour ce joli partage.

    ❀ ✺ Gros bisous ✺ ❀

  2. Bonjour,
    J'ai été voir sur votre blog les photos de l'émergence, elles sont magnifiques avec énormément de détails et comme vous le dites le fond uni permet de bien détacher le sujet, félicitations. C'est une grande chance d'avoir des émergences dans le bassin de son jardin, il faut savoir en profiter. Le Canon 7d mk 1 est un bon appareil photo, mais je pense que le plus important c'est la qualité de l'objectif utilisé.
    Je vous souhaite de belles observations dans votre bassin.

  3. Wow Marc! Magnificent image! We are left unsatisfied, unless going on your blog! The background makes a little "studio", too much plain with my taste, but the series is magnificent! Greetings, M.

  4. Wow !!!! What a gorgeous photo of the exclusion of this Red Damselfly!
    Truly a beautiful picture. Compliments.
    Greetings, Helma

  5. Un véritable chef-d'œuvre pour notre blog. Bravo

  6. Back from my trip to Oz, I discover this magnificent shot of the Large red!
    Many thanks Marc for sharing this with us :)
    You did a great job with setting the picture up: I agree, a fence in the background won't make for a good pic!
    It seems that in the UK your were ahead of me... living in the south of France! How strange!!


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