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17 oct. 2015

Red veined Darters in Kent

Red veined Darter

Sympetrum fonscolombii

With the season slowly starting to draw to a finish in Kent, my daughter returned home one day from school a few weeks ago having took a photo on her phone of a dragonfly on a path near to where we live. To my amazement, it was a Red veined Darter. With this in mind, I decided to visit a site nearby where they occur and the next morning I was on site in the sunshine where I managed to find 4 newly emerged Red veined Darter. during the following week I returned a few times to capture some of my best photos of this species before they leave and hopefully migrate back south.

 I decided one in one last challenge that I would try to get a few early morning shots of one so the night before, I watched one go down to roost and planned to return the next morning for hopefully some 'dewy' shots. On arrival the next morning, it was indeed quite dewy and after a brief search I managed to find 1 Red veined Darter and spent the next hour capturing some very pleasing images of this very scarce Kent dragonfly.

Red veined Darter (immature male)

 I shall endevour to post a few more times throughout the quiet winter period and share some of my photos of the season which has been photographically very good indeed.

Marc Heath

4 commentaires:

  1. Hi Mark,
    What a great series, the photos are great qualities ; the sharp, sharpness, colors, details are great. Pictures of Dragonfly with morning dew are perfect and rarely seen on this site. Only happiness. Sorry for my bad English.

  2. Superb images of this species, Mark. I was quite surprised by the ones with dew on. I've never seen dragons covered in dew! I suspect that S. fonscolombii might be on my 'most wanted' list for 2016.

    Best wishes - - - Richard

  3. Magnificent series Marc! If you photographed them there a few weeks ago, they are probably individuals of the second generation of the season 2015, that must be rather rare in Great Britain! I appreciate particularly the "dewy", your patience was rewarded! Thank you for the sharing! Greetings, M.


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