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6 nov. 2013

The Last Few Dragonflies!

Sympetrum striolatum

Common Darter

The last few Common Darters were just about hanging on last weekend at Reculver. I managed to see a few not in the greatest condition but it was nice to see them at least flying around in the sunshine. This week in Kent, England has seen the rains arrive and the temperatures start to drop off sharply. I would imagine I may not see another dragonfly until next year but if the sun appears I will keep looking out. Seeing my last Common Darter last week prompted me to have a look through some photos of this species earlier in the year when the warm sunny days were with us. Its certainly nice going back through some images and thinking of next year already. 

Common Darter

Marc Heath

5 commentaires:

  1. Bonjour,
    Elles semblent si fragiles ces libellules... Lorsqu'elles se contorsionnent j'ai l'impression qu'elles vont se briser... Merci pour ces brillantes photos. Gros bisous

  2. Une très belle série Marc, et chez nous aussi il clôturera probablement la saison, comme d'habitude !

  3. Lovely post, Marc!
    These were sunny moments!
    Each photo is a jewel... wonderful to admire!
    Yes indeed, it is good to go back in time, we will all do this during winter.
    I still hope to find a few individuals of this species in the newt couple of weeks...

  4. Those were the days my friend
    We thought they'd never end...

    Very beautiful specimens, with their original colors, it is a pleasure to see them again! Greetings, M.

  5. Beautiful pictures of this Darter. Beautiful bright and beautiful crisp detail. I meot mine go places here urgently. For this a compliment.
    Regards, Helma


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