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1 mars 2014

Chasing Emeralds!

Emerald Damselfly

Lestes sponsa

A few minutes drive from where I live in Bromfield in East Kent there is a very nice shallow gravel pit which during last year I made a number of visits too in order to see and photograph the dragonflies and damselflies that live there. Despite being close to home I have never really known this site was there, most of it is on private land but a footpath runs next to the gravel pit. Along with a good number of species seen there I was able last year to get a number of encounters and photographs of the Emerald Damselfly, a species I had not photographed that much of. The mature males were obvious to the eye but I did get a little confused with the immature males and females and I presume the last photo is of a female teneral Emerald Damselfly, the colours on this individual were a dark pinkish colour. I would appreciate any comments on this individual. We're into March now and its only a month or so to wait until we get the first Hairy Dragonflies of the year on the wing.

 Male Emerald Damselfly

 Immature Male Emerald Damselfly
Teneral Female Emerald Damselfly?

Marc Heath

8 commentaires:

  1. Beaucoup de lumière et de piqué pour les trois premières photos.

  2. Marc, this is such a brilliant series especially since I don't have them around where I live.
    I would bet on an immature female on the last pic and this orangy tinge is confirmed in my book for immatures. May in full sunlight this tinge would be much lighter...
    Have you noticed the stigmata darken as they mature?

  3. Magnificent series Marc, with a great dive! For the last pic, I line up in the opinion of Noushka! greetings, M.

  4. Très belle série, bravo !

  5. ohh, it s beautifull, a very nice mix of colors for this species, thanks to share it there marc ^^

  6. Toutes ces couleurs sont superbes ! Merci Mark !!!

  7. Beautiful pictures of Lestes sponsa Marc !



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