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23 août 2013

Tapering or actually newborn young emperor dragonflies

I saw the larva on the reeds in the water but I found these insects quite scary when I saw them on the blog of others. Now I suddenly stood there with my top pinch shaved it was still very special to experience. And I realized only later when the dragonflies began to color up that it was the Emperor Dragonfly.

The larvae of the reeds of the lake ..........

Below you can see where the wings of the dragonfly are in the larva before hatching ....... well

Larva of the Emperor. It's good to see where the wings are

There I suddenly saw hanging everywhere that I missed the hatching larvae of the dragonfly itself. Before I knew it, I saw hanging everywhere! .... Those big green Dragonflies among larvae
Just sneaked out bright green Emperor

Newly hatched bright green Emperor

Newborn Emperor

An empty Larva of an Emperor

The wings are beautiful together

Emperor to drying and warming to a reed

Emperor to the warm and dry in a reed

Beautiful back details of the newborn Emperor

Hanging Ende Emperor ...

 Suddenly flew one of the Emperor Dragonflies road after he had warmed up enough. This came near me sitting on a branch of a bush. Now he had to go tan. Below you can see .... the birth bright green color of the head well

Bright green head of the newborn Emperor

Emperor begins to color .... nice

The hairs on his muzzle begin to dry

You see the minute the Emperor be nicer ...

 Below you can see how the Emperor on the body begins to color ....
Here you can see how the coloration on his abdomen gets going well

The coloring sets well ........

Almost ready to fly all the way ......
The gloss of the Emperor is incredibly beautiful ........

 And what remains is the empty carcass of the larva ........
The empty carcass of the larva of the Emperor


8 commentaires:

  1. A fabulous series! A Grail for every photographer of dragonflies! Amazing, with a magnificent study of details! Thank you for this present! Best Regards, M.

    1. Hello Morikan,

      thank you for this reaction. I'm really glad you can appreciate these pictures and they will like :-)
      With friendly greetings, Helma

  2. Helma, this is gorgeous!
    What an amazing array of pictures and so complete!
    Too bad you missed the hatching itself, but it really does not matter!
    As Morikan says, it doesn't happen often to witness such an emergence from the exuvia!

    1. Hello Noushka, it is indeed a pity that I just missed tapering itself but everything before that and then I could fortunately capture :-)
      Thank you for your enthusiastic response :-)
      Greetings, Helma

  3. Hi Helma~this is an incredible series, documenting a fascinating event! I haven't witness this before! Cheers!

    1. Hi Tammy, thank you for your praise about these photos. It was really beautiful to see and to photograph :-)
      Greetings, Helma

  4. Vraiment extra cette série ! Et un moment rare à capter, en principe les émergences de cette espèce ne se produisent que la nuit !

    1. Merci pour votre commentaire Alain.
      J'ai aussi été agréablement surpris quand j'ai vu accroché sur les roseaux. Ces belles libellules Je serais resté jusqu'à ce qu'il y avait une mouche :-)


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