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7 oct. 2014

Siberian Winter Damsel vs. Common Winter Damsel

Sympecma paedisca, Sympecma fusca

So many beautiful pictures of different dragonflies and damselflies of Europe and different corners of the world have been presented on this blog, but still there is any pictures and information about the Siberian Winter Damsel (Sympecma paedisca). So we decided to change it by adding photos of this interesting species. In Poland it is a rare species, especially in the south-western part of our country (where we live :-)). The first time we met the Siberian Winter Damsel this year on 9 August in Lower Silesia. Because this species is similar to Common Winter Damsel (Sympecma fusca) in the pictures below we show some basic differences between them.

Sympecma fusca has straight outer margin of the dark band on the upperside of the thorax
Sympecma fusca male
Sympecma paedisca has a bulge (roughly rectangular) on the outer margin of the dark band on the upperside of the thorax. The oblique dark streak on the thorax side is normally thinner than in S. fusca and sometimes is broken.
Sympecma paedisca female
S. paedisca female
S. paedisca male
S. paedisca male
S. paedisca female
S. paedisca male
S. paedisca female
 Michał & Piotr

8 commentaires:

  1. Excellent, a new guest on the blog! Well done! And even better to specify us the differences with S. fusca! In the zones where they are present both, do you know if they cross? I had planned an article on S. fusca for tomorrow morning, I am going to wait, so that these small marvels live longer on the blog! Greetings, M.

  2. Oh! it has been 3 months not photographing dragonfly and damselfly, and I miss them !

    1. Hello Wong Ching Wah,
      Your season should start again soon :)

  3. Merci pour ces images inédites pour nous, et bravo pour l'ensemble de ce reportage !

  4. Bonjour,
    Les photos sont à la fois esthétiques et naturistes ; elles nous montrent parfaitement les caractéristiques de ces 2 espèces. Merci pour pour cet article.

  5. They are as we say in english "similar but not the same"!
    Brilliant post, thanks for given us this fascinating info about their differences.
    And the quality of your pictures is excellent as always :) The details are quite obvious indeed.
    YES!!! A new species to add in our list :)

  6. Bravo les amis. La photo 7 est superbe et comme le dit Michel, l'esthétisme général est magnifique.

  7. Hi Friends! Thanks for all kind words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Greetings from Poland :-)


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