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30 juin 2015

Nehalennia speciosa – the smallest damselfly in Europe

This post is dedicated for all our friends from the blog Libellules de France… :-).

We think, that you have never seen before this beautiful, amazing and so tiny damselfly in the wild. We were very lucky, that we found this small (body length only 20-25 mm!) creatures in our area, so we want to share it with you.
The Pygmy Damselfly occurs at the only one locality in the Opole province (this is our region), which we discovered in 2011. This small damselfly extinct in large areas, especially in western, central and southern Poland. At present it is relict, local and rare species, except for northern and partly eastern Poland even very rare. Restricted to single localities and their small concentrations. This is a stenotopic species. It inhabits acidic and poor in nutrients waters - pools and small lakes, as well as valleys and flooded parts in Sphagnum bogs and fens; exceptionally peat excavations. Requires abundant vegetation distinguished by its specific texture, with a leading role of selected Carex species (mainly Carex limosa and C. rostrata) and mosses (mainly Sphagnum).

pair in tandem
pair in tandem
pair in tandem
Greetings to all Odonata fans!

Michał and Piotr

Lien vers la redécouverte de l'espèce en France, dans une tourbière du Jura:
Link to the rediscovery of the species in France:

6 commentaires:

  1. Oh my!!!
    This is absolutely fantastic!
    No indeed, we do not have this species here in France, and I have never seen it :)
    Many-many thanks for sharing it with us!
    To top it all, your photos are fabulous, as usual!
    I will G+ this post :)
    Congrartulations guys!

    1. Hi Noushka!
      Here is link to the article about rediscovery of the Nehalennia speciosa in France:
      Nehalennia speciosa (Charpentier, 1840) a été observé en juillet 2009 dans une tourbière située au sud du département du Jura. Les auteurs précisent les conditions de la redécouverte de cette espèce en France et présentent les connaissances actuelles sur sa biologie et sa répartition."

      Many thanks for all nice words about our post and photos :-). Warm greetings!

    2. Many thanks for your lengthy answer, I have added the link to the PDF in the post.
      A pity it is so rare in your country too, let's hope it survives and spreads to other peatbogs.
      Your females are especially red orange, the are beautiful but the males are incredible!
      Another round of congratulations :)

  2. It may be small, but it's a beauty :-)

  3. Wow! The smallest of dragonflies, but an enormous series! And every image is a small jewel of sharpness and layout! An enormous bravo for this work, Michal & Piotr! Greetings, M.

  4. Hello,
    A big thank you to discover this rare dragonfly species. The colors of this little dragonfly are beautiful and delicate. your photos are beautiful with sharpness, brightness, interesting behaviors. Thank you for sharing,
    Best Regards


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