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26 mai 2014

Libellulidae - Libellula Quadrimaculata

My first post for this site, so forgive me if it's at all not quite as it should be!
Anyway, On the afternoon of Sunday 25th May, I headed off out to the woods that are to be found on my local patch near Tonbridge in Kent, England. I visit everyday, to see the wildlife and it's here that I find most of my Odonata, today my efforts were focused on these little wonders.......

The Four Spotted Chaser, Libellula quadrimaculata.


Je me permets de rajouter la 3è photo de Warren avec une modif... Je viens de m'apercevoir que les triangles - celui de gauche est surligné de rouge - n'ont pas le même nombre de cellules, 3 à gauche, 5 à droite! Curieux, non?!

Warren, I have just noticed that the number of cell contained in the triangles of the fore wings (the one I overlined on the left) are not the same! 3 on the left 5 on the right! Quite strange, what do you think?

Nouska, Well spotted, you have eagle eyes!  I dont know the reason for the difference, I'll check any future images I get of the Four Spotted Chasers and compare them! 

Noushka, I have looked at an image I took last year, and the wing segments you pointed out are different again!   ( added image to the bottom of the post. )

11 commentaires:

  1. Hello again Warren and WELCOME here!
    Many thanks to join us and to publish so fast!
    This is a fantastic series with a beautiful specimen and the pics are so sharp!
    Congrats for this first post, I hope many more will follow so we can admire the dragons from the other side of the channel! ;-)
    I will add the missing tags for this time!!

    1. PS: Don't forget to sign "Warren" at the end of your post so we all know how has published the post.
      And for the tags, it is the species' latin name, the family (LIBELLULIDAE), your name, and the area where you took the pics.
      Thanks again and enjoy you evening :)

    2. Thanks Noushka,
      I'll sort the ''Tags'' thing out ...eventually ! :-)

    3. Many thanks Warren :)
      I took the liberty to modify your 3rd pic to show difference in the number of cells on the fore wings in the triangle I overlined... Just a oddity I wished to stress!...

  2. Hello Warren, and welcome on our planet ! A beautiful series for your first post, the 2 last close-up are awful! Greetings, M.

    1. I don't believe you meant awful, Mo, but great!! LOL!

    2. Morikan - Awfully good perhaps ? :-)

  3. Warren, great to see you on here. Some excellent shots, well done.

  4. Thanks for the additional pic, Warren, I didn't think there were much differences in the wing cells but there you go, amazing!!


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