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24 mai 2014

Shooting the Boys!

Scarce Chaser

Libellula fulva

I made a trip after work yesterday to Westbere Lakes in East Kent where the plan was to try to find some male Scarce Chasers. As the name suggests, they are quite scarce nationally but Westbere is a good site locally for them. After a search around I managed to find c15 Scarce Chaser including a few nice males but most of them were quite uncooperative and didn't hang around long for photos. Eventually I found a sheltered area where a couple of males seemed to be holding territory and were returning back to the same perches when they flew off. I got myself into a good position and with a bit of patience and slow moving, I was able to get a number of pleasing shots from different angles of these smart dragonflies. Hopefully the next few visits will see there number slowly increasing and maybe a Norfolk Hawker will be seen again at this site this year, I will keep looking!

Male Scarce Chaser

Marc Heath

4 commentaires:

  1. Can't wait to see your Norfolk Hawker!
    In the mean time, I can only admire this series of pics!
    They are supposed not to be in a large south-west of France, nevertheless, I have found the only spot where they occur!
    Thanks for sharing Marc :)

  2. Une très belle série, Marc !

  3. Une superbe série avec une belle maitrise technique. Je ne sais pas comment on dit puceau en anglais mais il y en a ici: pas de marques foncées sur l'abdomen. Le gros plan sur cet oeil bleu est splendide.

  4. Very nice shots of this blue boy ! And it's hairy too ! As Olivier says, the first photo is the one of a very young male, and the absence of black marks on each side at the top of the belly indicates that it has not copulated yet! greetings, M.


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