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Welcome to this blog dedicated to the Dragonflies of France and elsewhere. Who hasn't felt in awe by their beauty? Census, discoveries, talks, explanations and quality photographs are the main objectives here!
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11 mai 2014

'Wheel' of Good Fortune!

Hairy Dragonfly

Brachytron pratense

During the last few weeks at Westbere Lakes, East Kent I have been trying to capture various shots of the Hairy Dragonflies, the symbolic dragonfly to get the season going. I have managed to get a number of pleasing shots of both male and females but my last few outings have had me looking to capture the 'money' shot, the dragonflies in the 'wheel' position mating. I have seen the odd pair which have suddenly sprung up from near me as I have walked past and vanished from view to the odd pair seen distantly showing well with water in between us. Towards the back end of last week I once again was watching a pair flying around but this time my luck was in as they landed nearby in some reeds which gave me the chance to capture some shots. Despite their secretive position I was able to get near enough and spend c15 minutes firing off shots from quite close range and ended up with the shot I desired. Another challenge ticked off and hopefully this week with some sunshine and lack of wind I can finally get a few images of the Scarce Chasers with the Sigma 150mm.

Hairy Dragonflies in the 'Wheel' Position

Female Hairy Dragonfly 

Male Hairy Dragonfly

Marc Heath

4 commentaires:

  1. Well done, Marc! Very very nice and hairy pictures! Thank you for this magnificent sharing! Greetings, M.

  2. Plein la vue, on y est ! Excellent ! Au plus près de ces magnifiques créatures;

  3. Quelles superbes photos, un grand bravo !

  4. Magnificent shots, Marc, the decor showcases them perfectly!
    Mine is not as good!!


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