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15 mai 2016

A Hairy Dragonfly Emerges

Hairy Dragonfly

Brachytron pratense

For the past two years at least, I have wanted to photograph the iconic first dragonfly of the year that flies in the UK, the Hairy Dragonfly. I spent quite a bit of time last year trying to find individuals emerging early morning but only found a few exuviae of this species. I decided last winter to see if I could collect a few and rear them indoors in my indoor tank and at the right time, release them back into my garden pond ready for emergence. Like an expectant father, I have nurtured them through the winter, feeding them, changing water and observing and photographing them. I have learnt a great deal about this species but the hope was that I would be able to photograph this miracle of nature as it changes from nymph to dragonfly. Most literature I have read suggest that they emerge early morning but it was a great surprise last night when at about 9pm when I checked the pond, that I saw a nymph climbing the reed. I quickly set about getting all the equipment ready and armed with a flask, I positioned my self at the pond and settled in for what ended up to be 3 hours of watching and photographing. I was still sat in the garden at midnight but it was most definitely worth the time and effort to produce some of my finest shots yet I think. Just watching the process of emergence is truly fascinating but quite time consuming but I went to bed on cloud nine and hoped she would still be present early morning which she was. Before going to work, I took a few more shots and after she has warmed up, she made her maiden flight. Its so rewarding having had this plan and carried it through and along the way, shared the life of this secretive dragonfly through to being an adult. If I don't take any better photos this year, I will not be complaining, well I might, but I am over the moon with this set and achieved a long awaited challenge.

Hairy Dragonfly (female)

Marc Heath

7 commentaires:

  1. Great to see this fabulous sequence again, Marc! Superb work!

  2. Prince Hairy is back! For a dragonfly of breeding, it seems rather in shape, I hope that it has had a food without GMO! A magnificent series, and I am happy to see it emergent, because I missed it this season, not rather early doubtless! Greetings, M.

  3. Encore un sacré boulot, de la passion, de la patience et du talent!

  4. My goodness, Marc!
    I bet you feel over the moon with such a series!
    I can't congratulate you enough, I can only image all the work and time it implies to follow all this so closely and... not miss the emergence.
    The larvae is maginficent in it self, let alone the imago.
    You manage to dose the lighting perfectly.
    One question: did you take photos when it was still evolving and moulting through to the final stage underwater? I recall you had done in the past season.
    These photos are not only superb but they represent a very valuable documentary, and I suppose you already though of publishing a book about dragons and their evolutionary stages.

  5. Que dire que c'est magnifique et comme tout emergence un plaisir pour les yeux de suivre tous les stades.
    Merci de ce partage

  6. Que dire que c'est magnifique et comme tout emergence un plaisir pour les yeux de suivre tous les stades.
    Merci de ce partage

  7. Une magnifique série, des photos de très grandes qualités pour un moment fantastique!
    Bravo! Un vrai régal pour les yeux.


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