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29 juin 2014

Getting 'That' Norfolk Shot!

Norfolk Hawker

Aeshna isoseles

I have spent the last few weeks after work and weekends really enjoying the Norfolk Hawkers at Westbere Lakes, East Kent. This very rare British dragonfly has recently colonised this part of East Kent and I have seen up to 16 at this site. I have managed many shots of this species from perching in the open, ovipositing and mating but one of my targets was to try to capture a flight shot in good detail that I could be happy with. I have taken hundreds of flight shots recently with most of them being deleted, the odd one turning out alright but I was still missing that shot. Then the other day I returned to the site where it was a little windy which made the Hawkers fly more often as they got blown off the reeds and I seized my opportunity. It was a case of finding an individual that was close enough for a shot which gave me plenty of opportunities as it flew by for a shot. I found a likely individual and started taking a few shots, checking the light every now and then to try to get it right, making sure no reeds were in the way etc. After many shots, I eventually got my chance as one passed by quite close and paused briefly to check me out. The result was one of my favourite shots I have taken and is posted below.

Male Norfolk Hawker

 All the shots taken were worthwhile all of a sudden and it was nice to get 'that' shot. A few more flight shots were taken which were quite pleasing as well. I have also included a few shots taken from Westbere Lakes in the past week or so.

Norfolk Hawker

Marc Heath

5 commentaires:

  1. Wow Marc! How beautiful it is! The images of flight are exceptional, and you can be proud of it! Greetings, M.

  2. Du grand art, Marc ! Ah, ce vol, et ce coeur aussi !

  3. Keep seeing them Marc, and I keep lovin' 'em!!

  4. Listen Marc, I can't get enough of shots like these!
    It must be one of the most beautiful series ever posted here, and I REALLY mean it!!
    What thrill when all of sudden you don't get THE flight shot but several!
    Not to mention the mating wheel, probably even more difficult to get since this species is so rare in England and the individuals are not plentiful on the site.
    CONGRATULATIONS and thanks for posting these pics here!

  5. J'y vais de mes louanges: so beautiful!


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