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14 juin 2014

More..... Norfolk Hawkers!

Norfolk Hawker

Aeshna isoceles

With a message from a friend informing me that the Norfolk Hawkers were flying at Westbere Lakes in East Kent I made a couple of visits after work this week to see them and try for a few photographs. I arrived at the area where there are some dykes and it wasn't long before I was watching c10 Norfolk Hawkers flying around and coming to rest allowing me to get a number of photos of this nationally rare dragonfly. The hawkers were c5 metres apart and were quite territorial and often chased it other around before returning to their favoured areas. They were slightly too far for the Sigma 150mm but the Canon f4 300mm lens more than made up for it producing a number of pleasing efforts, I know I keep saying it but possibly some of my best yet of this species. I returned the next day and saw c10 Norfolk Hawkers again including a couple of pairs mating, just about grabbing a rushed shot before they flew off together. Today Saturday 14th, I have found another Norfolk Hawker c5 miles away near Reculver. Where has this come from and I wonder if the Westbere colony have been dispersing or is there another small colony nearby, maybe near Chislet? Whatever the answer its great to have this species in Kent and hopefully they will continue to go from strength to strength. No doubt I shall be back for more shots in the next few weeks.

Norfolk Hawker

Marc Heath

4 commentaires:

  1. Good lord, Marc, this is one hell of a series!
    Each photo is a must!
    This 300mm Canon is fabulous and I wonder if it isn't a better solution than the Sigma 150mm!
    It seems there is no more DOF problem!!
    I envy you these marvelous shots, this dragon does not occur in my area, south of France.

  2. As says Noushka: I envy you these marvelous shots, this dragon does not occur in my area! Wonderful series, with flight and mating wheel, the perfection! Congratulations and thank you! Greetings, M.

  3. Tout y est , quelle série de la rousse! Splendide, du grand spectacle!

  4. Juste sublime, bravo !


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