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9 sept. 2013

Black Darters at Thursley Common

Sympetrum danae (Sulzer)

Black Darter

Earlier in late July I made a trip with a few friends to Thursley Common in Surrey. This reserve is considered to be one of the best places to see dragonflies in England with a good host of species to see. One of the targets for the day was the Black Darter, a dragonfly I had not seen to date and was very keen to see some adult males and hopefully photograph them. It took a while for the sun to break through on the day but thankfully it did and with this we were able to see the first Black Darters of the day, the first one seen being this mature female which posed nicely for a few shots.

Mature Female Black Darter

 As we continued on we saw a few distant male Black Darters taking in the heat of the day and with a bit of patience was able to grab some pleasing efforts of this attractive species.

Male Black Darter

 It was interesting to watch them continually finding new positions and lifting their abdomens towards the sun. With a number of photos taken we called it a day returning back to the car having seen the targets for the day. A few other excellent species were seen here throughout the session, but that's another post for another day.

Male Black Darter 

Male Black Darter

Marc Heath

8 commentaires:

  1. Noushka

    Could you please let me know how I add lables. I don't know how to to that, hence why you have been having to do it for me. Thanks.

  2. Oh dear!
    I saw you message in my mail box without opening the blog!
    What a great surprise to find this marvelous post!
    Indeed these sympetrum are magnificent and probably my favorite... What a treat!
    The ladies are great looking too!
    I also observed how they perch, then turn to a certain angle to the sun and when it's hot they lift their abdomen up! I have observed this with all the sympetrum species!
    If I had to choose a pic.... maybe n°3 for the beauty of the surroundings!
    Brilliant photos, Marc!

  3. Hello Marc ! As usual, a magnificent post ! We call in France "obelisk" the behavior which describes Noushka! And may be 1, 2 3, 4 and 5, if I had to choose ! Greatings, M.

  4. Tttsss-tttsss, Mo!
    I didn't really describe the obelisk position, just the way these sympetrum turn according to the sun and eventually raise their abdomen somewhat.
    The obelisk is an attitude taken when the sun is at its hottest... then they raise it perfectly vertical to the ground! ;-)
    Well I admit the description was close! LOL!

    1. Well my dear ! Tout se joue entre "hot" et "hottest" ! ;-) M.

  5. Superbe, comme à l'accoutumée, bravo !

  6. Superb images of this species Marc. Definitely one of my favorites at Thursley Common.


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