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Welcome to this blog dedicated to the Dragonflies of France and elsewhere. Who hasn't felt in awe by their beauty? Census, discoveries, talks, explanations and quality photographs are the main objectives here!
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11 sept. 2013

Going Green!

The Eastern Pondhawk, Erythemis simplicicollis, is a prevalent, widespread species located throughout Florida. They are ferocious of insect predators and will capture prey matching their size. The females and immatures display the green coloration while mature males are blue with green eyes.

4 commentaires:

  1. Mais quelle couleur ! Vraiment superbe, je me souviens avoir rencontré une de ses cousines E collocata, au Yellowstone, Wyoming

  2. Hi Tammy! This green is brilliant, which beautiful captures of this magnificent species! Today we have Alain's blue and green of Tammy! What a beautiful day! As we said in France : "Allez les Verts"! Best Regards, M.

  3. WAOUWWWWWWWWWWWW Very very beautiful !!!!!!

  4. Oh dear, they may be common but what beauties!
    Thanks Tammy for sharing this with us!
    The immature males are always soooo handsome!
    Great series... I will have look at it again soon!


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