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22 sept. 2013

Yet More From Thursley Common!

Ceriagrion tenellum

Small Red Damselfly

As mentioned before in earlier posts Thursley Common in Surrey is regarded as one of the best places to watch and photograph dragonflies in England. On a visit this year I saw a number of new species including the Small Red Damselfly. I was surprised how small it was when I first saw it but once you got your eye in they were easy to pick out in the long grasses. Thankfully during the session I was able to get a number of pleasing images of this species in the sunshine. I'm sure another trip will be made next year again to this fantastic reserve. No doubt I will have more photos from this site in due course to publish.

Small Red Damselfly

Marc Heath

5 commentaires:

  1. Wow ..... my compliments Marc. I have never seen the coral damsel (welo the fire dragonfly). You have some beautiful pictures of it and so pretty sharp. The mating wheel is also fantastic but the last thing he looks lol .... behind the blade
    Really very nice blog!
    Greetings, Helma

  2. Magnificent series, Marc! A great tribute in this "small red" with a magnificent sharp and light! Cordially, M.

  3. Cada foto es una belleza a la par de mostrarnos el tesoro de las criaturas vivientes.
    Un abrazo,
    Rosa María Milleiro

  4. Quelle belle série, bravo ! Et un face à face final, comme je les aime !

  5. Brilliant, Marc!
    The sharpness is just fantastic!
    The solos are as gorgeous as the mating wheel.
    Aren't they as common in England as in France?
    Many thanks for sharing this!


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