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3 sept. 2013

The Impersonator

The Eastern Amberwing, Perithemis tenera, is the smallest dragonfly found regularly in Florida. Just under 25 mm, this very small dragonfly resembles a wasp from a quick, distance glance. This species is known to actually mimic the postures and movements of wasps to fool predators.

female 8/25/13

female 8/11/13
female 8/11/13
Females present with variable wing patterns while males display yellow to orange wings.

male 8/25/13

male 8/25/13


8 commentaires:

  1. Bonjour,
    Des photos impressionnantes et extraordinaires de cette toute petite espèce...
    La nature est tout de même incroyable et étonnante.
    Merci pour ces documents fabuleux.

  2. Il est superbe, ce micro odonate, et les photos, hummmm ! Bravo !

  3. Hello Tammy! What a fantastic species! The yellow wings of the male are magnificent! But you are sure not to have photographed a wasp? ;-) Thank you for the present, cordially, M.

  4. Ca nous change de nos françaises, pour sûr. Quelle magnifique petite libellule ! Merci pour le partage.

  5. What a fantastic species, Tammy. I have been in Florida several times but never noticed this one. Maybe I didn't pay enough attention ..... Your pictures are stunning. Greetings from the Netherlands, Joke

  6. Hi Tammy,
    what a bijozndere dragonfly and some nice set. I do not know this dragonfly but I think the series really super! Compliments.
    Greetings, Helma

  7. Hi Tammy!
    Back from a few days off and I discover this incredible series of a totally unknown dragon to me!
    Fantastic shots of this cute species! How I would enjoy seeing them with my own eyes!
    The wings are superb, we only have on species with dark spots on the wings in France!

  8. Thank you all so much for the kind comments! Much appreciated:)


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