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26 oct. 2013

First Red Veined Experience!

Sympetrum fonscolombii

Red veined Darter

Until this year I had never seen a Red veined Darter in England and it was one of those dragonflies on the wanted list. I received an email in early July alerting me to a dragonfly to try to id at a site a few minutes from home. To my amazement, on looking at the photo I could see it was a male Red veined Darter. The weather forecast did not look good for the next few days but with a few brighter spells in between showers I made a few visits to Highstead, just south of Reculver to a small gravel pit. To make things worse my camera was in being fixed so I had been kindly lent a Canon 10d for a few weeks, not the quality of my usual camera but it was better than nothing. I spent some time looking for the Darter without much luck, just a quick glimpse of what might have been the Darter flying past quickly. The rain started to fall and I had all but given up luck when I decided to make one more walk through the long grasses. I soon saw a small red Darter take to the wing in front of me and land a few metres away. Through the grass I could make out the Darter and scanning the lower blue eyes, yellow pterostigma and obvious red veins I was happy to confirm my first Red veined Darter in England.

Male Red veined Darter

I took a few shots but as can be seen the rain was falling and catching the wings nicely. Nonetheless some shots were better than none. I returned for a few more visits in the next few weeks and took a few more shots, some of them quite pleasing despite the borrowed camera. Thankfully I did get my camera back and made some more visits later in the month but I will save these photos for another day!

Male Red veined Darter

Marc Heath

5 commentaires:

  1. Hello Marc! Congratulations for these beautiful captures! You are happier than me who not saw it only the only one, in May! Cordiallement, M.

  2. C'est super Marc ! Je crois qu'il va falloir qu'on t'invite dans le sud ouest, où ils sont très nombreux ;-)

  3. Fantastic, Marc!
    Yes I had read that they are present in England.
    You should more of them in the following years.
    They are incredible migrants and very opportunistic!
    Great pics although they were not taken with your personal camera! ;-)

  4. Magnifique, je suis accro aux Fonscolombiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


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