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30 oct. 2013

'X' Marks the Spot!

Erythromma viridulum

Small Red eyed Damselfly

The last few years in Kent, England has seen an increase in the Small Red eyed Damselfly and luckily I only have to travel a few minutes from home to appreciate them. Nationally they are a very scarce Damselfly and can only be seen in the South East of England. There are a few colonies at Reculver, the Stour Valley and I even saw them in west Kent at Cliffe Marshes earlier in the year. Normally photographing them can be a challenge as they often spend their time over the water and don't seem to often come to close, especially when I am watching at least. One of the most reliable features to look for is the black 'X' on segment 10 which can just about be seen in some of the photos. I had a call from a friend saying that there were a couple of Small Red eyed Damselflies on show away from the water so with the sun trying to come out which it never really did I paid a visit to Highstead, just south of Reculver. After a brief search in the area I eventually found one and was soon taking a number of photos of this species, it was just a shame the sun never decided to come out when I was there. One of the shots worked out very well as it looks like the Damselfly is walking a spiders thread tightrope, an accidental shot but a nice capture I think. Hopefully this species will continue to spread in the area, it seems to be currently doing so anyway.

Small Red eyed Damselfly

Marc Heath

4 commentaires:

  1. great pictures marc =)) the red eye is impressive, and give a big contrast with the rest
    see you soon

  2. Hello Marc! Very beautiful series in spite of the absence of sun (you have to fire the lighting engineer)! And the funanbule is magnificent! Greetings, M.

  3. Elles sont très belles ces allumettes aux yeux rouges !

  4. What a beautiful series Marc!
    Never mind the absence of the sun, your settings must have been spot on to get this neat result!
    These red eyes make it one of the most gorgeous damsels!
    I hope they will finally colonize more areas in England, who knows?!


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