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3 oct. 2013

Westbere Chasers

Libellula fulva

Scarce Chaser

The Scarce Chaser is exactly that in Kent with only a few sites where this species can be seen. By far the best place to view them is Westbere Lakes, not too far away from Canterbury. I made a few visits earlier in the year and was treated to some good numbers flying around the area. As ever the camera was out and managed to obtain a few pleasing images of this species. 

Scarce Chaser

Marc Heath

5 commentaires:

  1. Hello Marc! What a beautiful series on one of our preferred! The young males and the females are magnificent in their honey colour dresses! Errors excepted, 1 and 4 are young females, and 2 and 3 young males! Best Regards, M.

  2. J'aime regarder sur tes clichés tous les détails de ces insectes !
    C'est net et on a l'impression d'être juste en face des libellules.
    MERCI à toi et GROS BISOUS ♡

  3. Quels beaux clichés, d'une netteté irréprochable, on se régale, bravo !

  4. Brilliant shots, Marc!
    You always seem to have a surprise up your sleeve for me... just when I thought I knew what you might be posting! LOL!
    This is a beautiful species, young ones are magnificent, especially the young males!
    In south-west of France where I live, there is only one spot where they can be found but this year, I saw non. Quite sad!
    Thanks for sharing this!

  5. C'est brillant, brillant !

    J'ajoute le libellé manquant.


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