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29 août 2015

Aeshna cyanea
Aeshna Mixta

 Double Hawker delight

Yesterday, the sun shone, but it was quite cool and breezy, just right to find some perched up Hawkers  :-)

I found 3 male Southern Hawkers and one female, but only the males came in range of my camera.

This male had yet to fully mature

There were also at least 6 Migrant Hawkers found too, but they were harder to find perched up.

Warren Baker

8 commentaires:

  1. Quelle diversité chez ces bestioles ! Magnifique.

  2. Many many thanks, Warren, to share these majestic beauties with us!
    Your photography is outstanding and sharpness and composition are perfect.
    I have seen very few hawkers this season in my area and I would add not just the hawkers but all kinds of insects in general. A pity...
    Congratulations and enjoy your sunday!

  3. Hi Warren! A magnificence! And these two species the same day, it's fantastic! Did you play Euromillion this day? ;-) beautiful postures an a perfect sharpness! Thank you for this sharing! Greetings, M.


  4. Hello,
    The sharpness and composition are perfect and I especially like the pictures No. 2and 3. Aeshna cyanea is really a beautiful species with beautiful designs on the abdomen and beautiful colors yellow and green. Thank you for this wonderful series.
    Best regards

  5. Magnifique Warren, une pèche miraculeuse de regards, de couleurs, de postures...

  6. Thank you, all of you, for the very kind comments :-) :-)

  7. Elle sont magnifiques et superbement photographiées, félicitations.
    She is beautiful and beautifully photographed, congratulations.


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